Jesus Baskets, Inc.

Jesus called us to BE The Church. He called us to be His body. As His body we desire to reach out to unbelievers to share His gospel of salvation. We also want to reach out to fellow believers to encourage and love them. The Jesus Basket Ministry allows Christians to deliver small gifts of love to the family of God and it also makes a way for unbelievers to see God’s people actively loving others.

Every Jesus Basket will contain the plan of salvation for unbelievers and will also contain encouraging scripture for those that already belong to His Body. We want to bless everyday people such as the nurses at our hospitals, the restaurant servers, teachers, administrative assistants, as well as many other folks that make our area so great.

Area churches and businesses will be able to call or email and request blessing baskets to be delivered. If you are interested in Being The Church of Our Savior and blessing others you can contact me at (864) 516-6308 or email me at

If you feel led to contribute to this ministry, a tax deductible donation can be mailed to:
Jesus Baskets
PO Box 983
Pickens, SC 29671

Your Sister in Christ,
Tammy Sorrells